Centralia Free Methodist Church

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is simply stated:

Love God, love people, and make disciples of Jesus.

We believe God wants to bless and bring vibrant life to Centralia and its surrounding communities, and we humbly believe that God has invited us to be a part of that work.  We believe that the scriptures call us to live a life of love, both individually, and as a church community.  We certainly don’t claim to do that perfectly; rather, we claim that if we are truly following Jesus, that’s what the result will be.  We believe that Jesus is not only the best example of what a life of love toward God and others looks like, we believe Jesus makes that life possible for us.  So, we’re not interested in just getting people to believe things about Jesus; we think he has called us to be like him.  So, we are a community committed to taking on the habits of Jesus, sitting under the teachings of Jesus, and being transformed by the power of Jesus, so that we can be agents of blessing in our community.

Our Vision–the kind of world we see possible–is this: Bring wholeness to the world (beginning in Centralia) through being/becoming a healthy Biblical community of holy people that multiplies disciples, leaders, and communities (whether small groups or churches).